zVision is the future!

This internal memo was sent to SRS Software this morning. The points are important enough that I wanted to cross-post here.


I know there has been a lot of frustration over the last year as we have been working on zVision, the web platform, and ReEn. The shift we are making takes us from creating products to the creation of a platform.

So far, most have only felt the pain of the transition and have not seen the advantages. I promise you that this transition will be worth the pain and frustration. We are on the cusp of realizing a payout and it will be huge!

A guy who worked at Amazon and is currently at Google recently posted what was intended to be an internal memo on this topic. Everyone should take time to study the attached memo (http://steverant.pen.io) and understand the points that are made.

Here are a couple of threads where people are discussing Stevey’s memo that you may find useful:

I will continue to do everything I can to clearly communicate the amazing direction we are headed.

  • zVision puts us at the forefront of the technology industry!
  • zVision is the platform we need to carry us for the next 10+ years!
  • zVision will give SRS the flexibility and agility to dominate in our chosen market!

You are welcome to send me questions or comments privately. Alternatively, I have cross-posted this to my blog and you are also welcome to publically comment there.

– Nate

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3 thoughts on “zVision is the future!”

  1. So how much did you pay Steve Yegge to mistakenly publish that memo now? It perfectly describes why we need to be doing what we’re doing. Maybe we can hire the guy after Google fires him.

  2. Everything comes together after reading Steve Yegge’ memo.

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