Installing git on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

Last night I was working on a new ubuntu 9.04 server on ec2 (it was ami-0d729464 from if you’re interested). Installing git via aptitude would have given me an older version so here’s what I did.

$ sudo apt-get build-dep git-core git-doc libssl-dev
$ wget
$ tar -xzf git-
$ cd git-
$ ./configure
$ make all doc
$ sudo make install install-doc
$ git --version
git version

11 thoughts on “Installing git on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)”

  1. Thanks for the instructions. I had to run configure before make.

    1. Good catch, Joe. Thanks!

      I verified that I too had to run configure and I updated the instructions above.

  2. If you’re doing this on a headless box, w/o the GUI dev libs installed, add the following to your make commands

    make all doc ${EXTRA}
    sudo make install install-doc ${EXTRA}

    prevents it from dying on the missing GUI components

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